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Use the convenient list of resources and contacts below or submit a

request for maintenance at the bottom of the page.



San Diego Police Non-Emergency: 619-531-2000

Broken Traffic Lights: 619-527-7500

Broken Street Lights: 619-527-7500

Damaged Bus Stop: 619-238-0100

Damaged Utility Box: ATT-866-346-1168; SDG&E-800-411-7343

Disability Services: 619-533-3126

Pothole Repair: 619-527-7500

Abandoned Vehicle: 619-531-2000

abandoned SHOPPING CART: 858-694-7000


Call Urban Corps for....

  • Illegal Dumping: 619-629-0737

  • Litter Abatement: 619-629-0737

  • Bulky Item Removal: 619-629-0737

  • Pressure Washing: 619-629-0737

Submit City of San Diego Service Requests Quickly and

Efficiently with the “GET IT DONE” app (GID) for Mobile Devices

​This user-friendly GID application provides City residents with a quick and easy way to report service issues, upload related images, and check the status of their service requests. More information can be found on the Get It Done by clicking on the following link:



This is a great way for Barrio Logan MAD property owners to beautify the neighborhood while saving on costs for sidewalk replacement. Property owners are responsible for the repair or replacement of their sidewalk when damaged by privately owned tree roots, heavy vehicle traffic or drainage from private property. However, when sidewalks are simply old and deteriorated, the City will share the cost with the property owner as part of the Cost Sharing Program.​  

Residents may call Street Division Customer Service number 619-527-7500 or go to: to submit a sidewalk replacement service request.

Request For Maintenance

Thanks for submitting!

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