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The Barrio Logan Cultural district is a testament to a community’s ability to create spaces that embrace and celebrate its heritage in unique and vibrant ways. From the historic Chicano Park to its hopping Logan Avenue business district to its art galleries, restaurants, brewpubs and craft coffee, the always-vibrant Barrio Logan is steeped in San Diego’s decidedly bi-national ethos.

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Barrio Logan and it's surrounding area are home to some of the best restaurants in the country. From local, cultural mexican food to craft breweries and panaderias, we have you covered!

For a list fo restaurants to go to, just visit our community page!


Chicano Park is the geographic and emotional heart of Barrio Logan, located in Logan Heights, San Diego's oldest Mexican-American neighborhood. The park is home to the largest concentration of Chicano murals in the world with more than 80 paintings on seven acres dotted with sculpture, gardens, picnic tables and playgrounds. Throughout the year, it hosts festivals of music and Aztec dance, the biggest being Chicano Park Day held each April. Additionally, it's the hub of an emerging arts district, with galleries, boutiques, brewpubs and craft coffee shops nearby.


Many of Barrio Logan's amazing businesses and locations are all within walking distance of Chicano Park!

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